Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chicago Memories

I am old enough to remember when the 41-story Prudential Building was the tallest structure in the city of Chicago and having your birthday dinner at the Top of the Rock restaurant was the biggest treat imaginable.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Just Something Wrong About This

Following upon the previous entry:

Whole Foods Organic Six Braid Challah comes complete with a hechsher indicating that it is kosher and, beneath the hechsher, the word "pareve," signifying that the bread contains neither meat nor dairy products.   There are no other direct references to the religious nature of the bread, and although they are seen by millions of shoppers a day, these tiny markings are probably meaningless to the great majority of non-Jews. All of this is undoubtedly part of a carefully considered marketing strategy designed to send the right signals to those who keep kosher while not putting off the non-Jewish shopper who might just like the looks of this rich egg bread. Such a diplomatic approach is, perhaps, understandable.

More difficult to understand is the recipe for "Our Favorite French Toast" provided on the bag. Challah makes the best French toast in the world, and this rich breakfast—pain perdu—is a standard on Saturday mornings. The Whole Foods recipe for French toast is rather unexceptional, except that the serving suggestions include "...pure maple syrup, fresh fruit, uncured bacon, or whatever you please" (italics added for emphasis). Uncured bacon! Whether you take the laws of kashrut (kosher eating) seriously or not, there is just something wrong about this particular suggestion.