Thursday, January 31, 2008

This is My Other Blog

I launched the SV Blog in January of 2008 as my book Going Broke: Why Americans Can’t Hold On To Their Money was being released. On that blog I will post comments about our economy and the difficulties consumers face in the contemporary marketplace.

I will use this blog, which bares my full name, for more general comments and personal reflections.

I will begin by making an unsolicited and unremunerated plug for a piece of software. For several years now, I have kept a personal journal using MacJournal, a program written by Dan Schimpf and published by Mariner Software. It is a wonderful way to compose and organize daily journal entries. What I did not know is how simple MacJournal makes blogging. Entries can be easily composed and edited and then sent to your blog in seconds. No need to start up your browser at all. Obviously you don’t need MacJournal to become a blogger, but for those who can afford the $35 price, it is worth it.